Vegan café mocha cheesecake; proud to be tofutti-free!

Onward with this quick State of the Terry post! I’ve gone dark for a few weeks, mainly due to diving headlong into the recipe jungle that is the two cookbooks mentioned earlier in the year: a Vegan Pie book with Isa and my next solo project, a big fat book international cookbook with big fat vegan flavors. I previously mentioned recipe testing for the former, codename World of Vegancraft, and no fear if you if think you’ve missed the boat. I’m totally behind in getting that started up! Also I will try a different format for recipe testing this time beyond the usual old fashioned message board, so stay tuned kids! I dread posting another deadline and miss it again, but timidly I’ll say by the end of the month recipe testing should be open for business.

It was also my birthday last week, but I’m giving you the gift of a photo of a slice of scrumptious vegan chocolate mocha cheesecake (free of faux cream cheese, we’re happy to announce). I know, it’s probably not fair just so show and not tell, but soon enough the world will know the latest and greatest from Isa and I come the fall of this year.

For a more substantial peek at the latest pie efforts hop over to my Flickr set Vegan Pies 2011.

I update it occasionally, so if you need a graze of pie to keep you in that long stretch after lunch and before the clock I’m there for you.

Now for some real life news: if you want to make some vegan empanadas with me I’ll be teaching a empanada making class at The Brooklyn Kitchen March 31st! Join me for two hours of dough making and folding, seitan chopping and a little bit of salsa too. I’ll also be teaching my tamale making class shortly after that, so there’s even more cooking with Terry!

There’s always more to say, but there’s a cherry pie that needs making and aging kimchi that requires some stewed attention, stat.