Just over one year ago Vegan Eats World ate the world!

Since then, I’ve been busy chopping, slicing, and dicing up my next cookbook, as of now titled Salad Samurai. My life pretty much is wrapped up in this project, but right now Vegan Eats World needs your help!

I’m collecting errata (recipes, text, whatever!) over the next few weeks. No idea when to add the cilantro to the curry but yet it’s listed in the ingredients? Looking for that missing step 2 in the spinach dumpling? Noodle dish directions in need of fine tuning? Let me know!

Send any errata you noticed with you little eagle eyes to errata@veganlatina.com. Add in the SUBJECT line [VEW errata]. Here’s a suggested format for your email, if you like suggestions that is:

Subject Line: [VEW errata] page 402

Page: 402

Recipe: Mongolian Flaming Apple Yakisoba

Errata: Ingredients call for 2 pounds of light blue cauliflower, but it’s missing from the recipe directions

Thank you kindly!