Muffin as seen on Tumblr and only there!

Far from being a Ponce de León of cyberspace, I’ve been schooled on the tiny joys of Tumblr (thanks Isa!). There’s something clean and unfussy that lured me into using it for mini-blogging on a semi-regular basis. By semi-regular I mean three times this week, a blazing world record for the likes of me.

What this means for I’m not entirely clear. I suppose this space will be reserved for an in-depth treatsy on avocado handling or diagrams of pupusa aerodynamics (who can say in this crazy mixed up world). Tumblr will be for all of those random thoughts I wouldn’t LiveJournal but don’t seem quite right on FaceBook.

I imagine my ideas are like those gooey rubber 25 cent octopi encapsulated in plastic bubbles found in supermarket vending machines. Launch a few full force at a wall (wall being social media) and see which ones rightly stick or instead flop to the ground and become covered in muck. So I’ll just keep finding new walls to toss ideas on until something sticks around long enough to avoid being coated in lint and cat hair.

So for now, be sticky and Tumblr with me at Crumbs on the Keyboard.