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VV shopping list

Beer and garlic, off to a good start

Maybe you love to grocery shop. Maybe you’d rather organize your salad fork collection according to the days of the week. Either way when someone offers to make a shopping list just for for you it opens up time for more important decisions like coconut, chocolate or strawberry vegan ice cream (or all three, then everyone’s happy). Or perhaps you just love lists…either way I have you covered.

Due to popular request from testers there’s a special shopping list included in the back of Viva Vegan! AND, also now available as a tasty downloadable PDF.

This list is divided into sections just in case the store doesn’t stock both vital wheat gluten flour AND ají panca paste. Ethnic grocery, regular supermarket and health/vegan products are covered here, particularly useful if you often end up making three or more separate shopping trips for unique items (I know I do).

Share it with your friends, your mom, your grocery co-op need of a little panela!

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avatar Clayton October 21, 2012 at 3:07 pm

Good Vegan Eats World yesterday and enjoying kicking back and reading. On page 23 you mention that there’s a downloadable PDF on your site but the only one I can find is this one from Viva Vegan. Is the new list, decided by type of store available to download too?
Thanks for all you do. Our family are all big fans of your work. Hope you come back to Boston again – it was great seeing you at the veg food fest a couple years ago.

Best wishes,


avatar Tamara January 4, 2013 at 8:35 am

I am also looking for the downloadable shopping list mentioned in Vegan Eats World. It does not seem to be posted yet? That will be a great thing to keep on my phone, because occasionally I do travel to a place where I can go to a huge pan-Asian grocery store with a Latin grocery store right nearby!

I am loving the book so far! It’s pretty to look at and I want to make everything in it! I started with bahn mi and daikon pickles. How addicting!


avatar Terry Hope Romero February 5, 2013 at 11:25 am

I’m totally behind the schedule for getting the shopping list, but I’ll let you (and the world know) when it’s up and running!


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