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I’ve discovered Tumblr

Muffin as seen on Tumblr and only there!

Far from being a Ponce de León of cyberspace, I’ve been schooled on the tiny joys of Tumblr (thanks Isa!). There’s something clean and unfussy that lured me into using it for mini-blogging on a semi-regular basis. By semi-regular I mean three times this week, a blazing world record for the likes of me.

What this means for veganlatina.blog I’m not entirely clear. I suppose this space will be reserved for an in-depth treatsy on avocado handling or diagrams of pupusa aerodynamics (who can say in this crazy mixed up world). Tumblr will be for all of those random thoughts I wouldn’t LiveJournal but don’t seem quite right on FaceBook.

I imagine my ideas are like those gooey rubber 25 cent octopi encapsulated in plastic bubbles found in supermarket vending machines. Launch a few full force at a wall (wall being social media) and see which ones rightly stick or instead flop to the ground and become covered in muck. So I’ll just keep finding new walls to toss ideas on until something sticks around long enough to avoid being coated in lint and cat hair.

So for now, be sticky and Tumblr with me at Crumbs on the Keyboard.

Hello There Vegetarian Summerfest: July 7-11th

Just another perfect summer day at Veggie Summerfest PA

I’m gearing up for my second visit next week to the rolling green hills of Johnstown, PA for Vegetarian Summerfest, July 7-10. If you don’t know Summerfest, it’s a 36 year old gathering of like minds celebrating, learning and general-all-around-good-time-having revolving around vegan health, nutrition and animal rights issues.

And food? Did I mention the glorious meals graciously prepared and lovingly served all week long at Summerfest? Along with the eating there will be many food demos, including a vegan taco demonstation (complete with homemade corn tortillas) with all the fixins’ presented by your truly on Saturday the 10th, and a bonus vegan baking Q&A on Sunday morning.

A friend and experienced Summerfest veteran described it as “vegan summer camp”, but instead of making the weird crafts made out of string you’ll look forward to good company, stimulating conversation and food. See you at the mess hall!

See me at Book Expo America 5/27

Next week I’ll have the pleasure of attending again BEA at the Javits Center in NYC at 2pm at the Perseus Book Group booth. If you’re in the book industry and heading over to the Book Expo come on over: I’ll be signing books and plantain avocado snackies will be on tap, first come first serve.

BEA @ The Javits Center NYC
Thursday May 27
2pm at the Perseus Book Group booth

Weekly ‘za: Fiddlehead Pizza

Fiddlehead ferns. And pizza. Usually not things that come to mind consecutively. Pizza is often a weekly phenomena in this kitchen and at my local market fiddleheads, so ephemeral in the spring, were teasing me in a basket just out or reach of checkout line at the local veggie market. At nearly $8 a pound it may feel like an investment that can’t be messed with: a splash of olive oil and a few crumbs of good sea salt are safe maneuvers with something that looks like it should be atop a leprechaun’s violin instead of lunch.

The advantage (with edible fairytail centerpiece, sure) of fiddleheads as a pizza topping is that a handful will suffice and still deliver unlike an entire pound or more for just a modest side dish. And those few elegant green swirls look great: tidily curled, teeny leaves gently crisped after roasting in the oven bring some art to everyday nosh. The flavor reminds me of asparagus gone feral meets collards or kale, green and textural with the pleasant imaginings of eating something prehistoric.

What else? A whole wheat crust brings everything together, all smothered in a basil-garlic spiked winter squash puree sauce instead of the ol’ red. I had to make quick work of some leftover FYH Mozzarella “cheese” and it melted beautifully over the squash puree at 415 degrees after about 26 minute. Red onion, chopped Kalamata olive, pine nuts and slivered fresh basil bring it home to familiar pizza territory.

Many early spring eats are long gone (ramps, I never knew yah in 2010) and fiddleheads are likely turned grown fern frond by now, but if you stumble upon a few grab ‘em and garnish your next pizza with their woodsy mystery.

Book signing: Posman Books @ Chelsea Market, Monday May 10

Still recovering from Thursday night’s empanadapocalypse? Another Terry appearance so soon?

I’ll be signing and talking Viva Vegan! at the charming Poseman Books at Chelsea Market this upcoming Monday night at 6:30.

Mini dessert empanadas will be in effect, first come first serve. Stop by after work and say hola!

Posman Books @ Chelsea Market, 6:30 PM
75 9th Avenue NY, NY
(212) 627 0304


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